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Esculoside acts to provide capillary protection by adressing capillary permeability and fragility. It is reported to inhibit catabolic enzymes such as hyaluronidase and collagenase, thus preserving the integrity of the perivascular connective tissue. Esculoside also exhibits antioxidant effects, protecting triglycerides against auto-oxidation at high temperatures. The antioxidant property might explain some of the anti-inflammatory activity of the product, making it suitable for consideration for use in after sun treatments. Esculoside, also known as Esculin, is a glycosilated coumarin obtained from the bark of Horse Chestnut branches. Traditionally it has been used to address venous peripheral diseases. Recently in the research of new vasoactive substances, Esculoside has been reported to have an interesting activity on skin microcirculation, thus becoming a candidate ingredient for topical applications adressing cellulite and hair growth.

主要成分含量 及检测方法


HPLC: 马栗树皮苷≥98.0%


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