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For thousands of years, extracts of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer have been systematically used to adress a variety of conditions frequently associated with aging. For centuries, women collecting and selecting ginseng roots were noticed to have particularly nice hands, because handling these roots has helped them to keep the skin of their hands young and smooth. This is most likely due to increased blood perfusion, leading to improved delivery of nutrients to the skin. Some recent trials have also shown the positive effects of ginseng saponins on the structure and mechanical properties of hair, improving distensibility and resistance to breakage. Indena, as the larger producer of ginseng extract, contributed to document the traditional evidence regarding the use of this as a modern functional topical ingredient.

主要成分含量 及检测方法

Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer

≥7.0% of ginsenosides and malonylginsenosides ≥0.9% ≤1.4% of Rg1 ≥1.7% ≤3.0% of Rb1 by HPLC

Skin elasticity improver

Skin care overview

The ingredient described is offered for consideration for use in cosmetics products. The information provided describes historical use, ingredient activity and other information that may be relevant to their use in such products. How each ingredient would contribute to a particular product would be formulation specific.


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